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The Vision NEET Academy has a serene campus that provides a peaceful environment for students. We have state of the art facilities and modern classrooms with multimedia facilities.


Vision has separate boarding houses for girls and boys. Each student is under the supervision and care of a house warden.

We provide a home away from home where we maintain traditional values in a family-like atmosphere. We provide an environment whereby students can develop their intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to study.

Boarding builds self-confidence, independence and a sense of direction. Throughout the experience of boarding friendships are made which last a lifetime and a sense of identity with the school is forged strongly.


Our mission is to offer learning services, books and resources that enable all members of the school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information in all formats and media.

Vision has well-furnished library with a wide collection of print and digital books to help students enrich their skills in respective subjects and to expand their intellectual horizons. The reading rooms facilitate students to pursue knowledge in absolute peace.

Cafeteria & Central Kitchen

Starting 2017, we will have a world class central kitchen where expert chefs prepare delicious vegetarian Indian dishes for our students and staff. Hygiene and quality are absolute priorities and the food at Vision is fresh, wholesome, nutritious and plentiful.

Our Kitchen and dining facilities are being completely updated in 2017 to include the most sophisticated and modern equipment used by the top hotels around the world.

In addition, snacks and beverages are available all the time at affordable prices in the campus.


Vision plans to introduce Yoga for students starting 2016, guided by expert Yoga practitioners. Yoga increases concentration, focus and attention span in students, and relieves tension and stress.

Though optional, students are highly encouraged to take part in the Yoga sessions offered on campus.